Converging Currents
Timber Multi-Use Residential Complex
This project aims to create two axes: a bridge from the natural parks into the heart of the city to channel bikers and city dwellers through the site and on to enjoy existing resources, and the second tying the industrial port to the residential zones expressing the possibility for world business endeavors and access to new jobs and education to the residents of Red Hook. The first axis includes a new green space and bike shop as well as a timber research and a digital fabrication gallery to present the sustainable and accessible new city resources to sporadic passersby. The timber industry draws the opposing axis of regular users, which will provide a digital fabrication lab, timber research lab, classrooms, a timber manufacturing facility, and a housing complex constructed from timber. Where the two axes meet an oculus is formed to expose the multitude of uses within the complex and the users to one another. The housing complex lies closest to the heart of the city and is raised to the fourth floor to ensure everyone with a view out to the bay. Each apartment receives cross ventilation and both southern and northern light for a comfortable living space. A strip of the green axis peeks out through the housing complex to invite the city in to learn about the new construction technology and explore the site. This multi-function complex will provide the city with new opportunities by inspiring, teaching and pushing forward the promising future of timber construction.

Margarida Yin Studio
ACSA Timber Competition 2012-13
- in collaboration with Elizabeth Hanna -
California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo