WeWork Campus, Los Angeles, CA
The aim of this new co-working facility, through the use of thick walls with moving belts and internal robot tracks, is to allow users new freedoms to wander between a variety of spaces as they work through diverse tasks each requiring different settings, levels of focus, and/or peer collaboration. The ability to check in personal items at the beginning of each day and to sporadically check out any items from the building allows for a new conception of working throughout the building rather than solely at one spot. The design allows for productive overlaps between spaces to inspire exploration and discovery throughout the day, and to spur new opportunities of interaction amongst peers. At any point one can call upon a robot to either request or return an item freeing users to efficiently balance diverse work assignments and exploration. Weaving in and out of walls users experience a gradient of small, middle and large volumes, naturally created by the branching pattern of the walls. Isolated work can be done in zones of quiet and collaborative groups can find either zones of interaction or zones of privacy; while some zones would be highly specified, others can be more fluid and adapt to the users needs. New collisions and productive overlaps are encouraged through the wandering between spaces and allow for cross-fertilization of ideas and expanded ways of thinking.

Robots In and Out
Greg Lynn Studio
Harvard Graduate School of Design