Ship Shop
Online Shopping Platform
This idea emerged upon hearing some influential speakers talk about their research on shopping trends. One key trend was that of online shopping, and with it endless returns. This was especially an issue for small companies that can not afford to offer free shipping and returns, however for online shoppers this tends to be a pivotal factor determining their purchase. The issue is prominent when items don’t look the same in person or don’t fit as well as they’d hoped. The issue also affects retailers when the think they’ve made a certain number of sales and have dispersed a large number of items only to receive many back often a month or two later and sometimes in much worse condition. They will have to sell these items now at a discounted rate both for damage and a change of seasons. This hurts their revenue significantly and therefore we sought to find a solution. BOPUS means Buy Online Pick Up in Store. This is a term that already exists. Our invention is to bring this idea to a mobile vehicle, a truck. The trucks body will be comprised of cellular acrylic boxes which you can opt to have clear or frosted to either display or hide your purchases. This truck will stop throughout the city at various times and days of the week and will allow users to pick up their items within a 10-day interval. The user can order a number of items without committing until they view and decide they want it. At that point they keep what they want and return what they don’t. The truck can then resell those items at a discounted rate using the gallery display or if they don’t sell within their 10-day interval return them to the store. This idea is meant to reduce endless debates for customers by giving them the ability to see, touch and try things before committing and reduce costs and losses for retailers by centralizing shipping and returns and reducing the time items are in limbo

Responsive Environments: Shopping
Allan Sayegh and Stefano Adreani
- in collaboration with Nada Al Qallaf, Martin Fernandez D’Leon, and Karen Mata - 
Harvard Graduate School of Design