Thesis Show
An undulating series of hand-built, rear-projected screens engaged visitors through leap-motion hand sensors. Our 18 studio projects streamed across the continuous surface in two rows. Once selected, different hand motions allowed users to scroll through, enlarge, and interact with each thesis manifesto. 

The studio derived a series of screens which featured the studio’s 18 projects using rear-projection. The projects were digitally woven together to create one long strip of buttons which were streamed across the screens similar to a slow-paced ticker tape. Using ImmersaView’s curve-correcting software and large, thin sheets of polycarbonate allowed the studio to include two filleted screens for an undulating, seamless effect. Leap-Motion hand sensors allowed visitors to select individual projects as they pause to read further into the concepts and ideas researched over the course of the year-long thesis studies. Visitors could move a number of projects across the screen, scroll through images, and enlarge them using simple hand gestures.

Doug Jackson Studio
- full studio effort -
California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo

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