Wegner Showroom
Infill on Strøget, Copenhagen, Denmark
Focusing on Wegner’s design priority: honesty of craft, material and experience, this project aims to distill the experience of being true to one’s instincts by creating a humble yet powerful space. Lines drawn from neighboring buildings divide the facade into alternating strips. Each strip is peeled away from the surface, revealing a glimpse of this interior journey and the chairs to pedestrians out on Strøget. Each strip’s curvature follows the diameter of Copenhagen’s famous pedestrian street, Strøget, to portray to those inside the constant activity present outside. This outward exposure of ones’ self and inward depiction of ones’ surroundings brings about a sense of truth. The thin reveal also establishes a progressive wash of light upon the curved surfaces, preparing users for this climax: the view outward and the momentary pause to reflect inward. I feel one is most aware of their true self when fully exposed to others. Bare Necessities attempts to capture and provide for the humble and honest needs of the Danes: sense of community, utilization of light and elegant comfort. This project serves as a reminder that our pursuit for happiness lies in following our basic instincts and taking pride in what we love. Wegner embraced this philosophy in all of his projects. He was honest to himself, his passion, and to his work, and that is what makes his chairs such a timeless success.

Bo Christiansen Studio
Danish Institute for Study Abroad